Building a Base ... and a Safety Net

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Moving U.S. servicewomen from camouflage to camisoles ... boots to heels

What We Propose to Do

Provide all transitioning, separated and retired US servicewomen local holistic transition and civilian re-acclimatization support to ensure not only post-military employability, but to ensure she is provided with life skills management support including personal coaching, education, ongoing training and workshops.

Become the US servicewoman's link to a high touch and technologically integrated client management system that effects and receives referrals to partnering VSOs, community services, health care, transportation services and any other identified need necessary to support their post-military well-being.

Our Plan to Get There

YourNexStage Inc. is embracing the challenge of creating a network women-centric service centers affording hands-on support to frame, or reframe, and advance the civilian lives of our returning servicewomen.We will provide personal coaches, human resource professional-guided job search support, personal aesthetics and wellness guidance, and access to personal mentors.We will host community building events, education, training and personal growth opportunities. We will work in partnership with every available organization, service and company committed to supporting our returning military personnel.Where there is an integrated referral network, we will join.Where there is not an integrated referral network, we will partner with others to ensure one is developed.We will serve all women who have served in the US Military whenever and wherever they are -- physically, emotionally, whether working or not, housed or wandering -- to assist them to become who they want to be.

Our Long-Term Objectives

To ensure that every US servicewoman has a female-friendly forum in which to effectively move from the structure, unique culture, and personal impact of their time in service to the differently structured, nonmilitary culture of the civilian world.

Success will be determined, in part, by the proportion of transitioning and separated military women who are successfully placed in appropriate employment as measured by placements, retention rates, and ongoing measures of job/life satisfaction.We are seeking an academic partner to develop appropriate metrics.

Additionally, the efforts of YourNexStage and all of its partners will, in part:

  • Increase self-identification rate of servicewomen post separation.
  • Create a valid, holistic and sustainable provider evaluation system to determine optimum providers for military women.
  • Notably diminish homelessness among US military women.
  • By 2025, have women recognized by the general public as veterans at the same level as their male peers.

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